A number of COMPLETE’s team have held senior management responsibilities within government. We have the experience to provide support in the development of Strategic Plans and Works Programs. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team provide an ideal resource to appropriately define project scope. Government program management is complex – we understand the many competing demands and changing requirements of programs and have developed custom systems to support this.

The NSW Government has committed to tackling long-term traffic challenges and improving the public transport network in Sydney through the implementation of light rail. The project, known as the CBD and South East Light Rail Project will see a light rail line built from Circular Quay to Kingsford and Randwick. As the route will pass through Centennial Parklands, there will be a number of important impacts on the Parklands (including some temporary works during construction phase).

Mark Bunch, our Project Manager at Complete has been engaged throughout the project as a Liaison officer between Centennial Parkland and the Sydney Light Rail project . Tasks involve design , representation, technical advice, documentation, asset acceptance and quality standards.