Master Planning

Together, Halliday Park, Wymston Parade, and Henry Lawson Park in Abbotsford make up the foreshore of Hen and Chicken Bay, a large tidal bay off the Parramatta River in inner western Sydney. The one kilometre-long roadway has a broad verge which is a popular part of a regional walking and cycling route and, being low-lying, the road presents challenges for drainage and general public domain design.

Although very substantially altered by human activity over the past 150 years, the bay and foreshore remains an important ecological asset. Among other things, it is a site for migratory birds that come here from the northern hemisphere.

Canada Bay Council engaged COMPLETE to provide concept design for the road, verge, the path network of Halliday Park, and for the entirety of Henry Lawson Park. Solutions included shared traffic arrangements, the replacement of sections of the existing sea wall with “environmental” constructed foreshores and a path network providing full accessibility throughout.