Acton Ridge Axis (Australian National University)

Location: Canberra, NSW
Project type: Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering
Budget: $6,000,000
Status: Ongoing
Organisation: Australian National University

The Acton Ridge Axis was first proposed by Paul Knox in the 1993 Strategic Landscape Plan for the campus. Tentative moves towards its realisation have occurred in the intervening years but now, with the occupation of the more remote parts of the Acton peninsula reaching a critical mass, the need for a strong and clear connection has become a priority.

The Acton Ridge Axis will provide a safe and comfortable access for pedestrians and cyclists from the Acton peninsula to the centre of the campus. It will connect major destinations, facilities and places of character within the campus landscape. A substantial component of the work will be the undergrounding of power in some sections – which will in turn free up space for such things as day care play areas and “living lab” projects.