Bathurst CPTED Street Lighting Audit

Location: Bathurst CBD, West Bathurst, Kelso
Project type: Asset Management and CPTED
Budget: $10,000
Status: Completed
Organisation: Bathurst Regional Council

Bathurst Regional Council engaged COMPLETE Urban to carry out a Lighting Safety Audit using Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Principles. The purpose of the CPTED audit was to increase safety and security for patrons in public spaces, decrease opportunities for malicious damage and assault through greater visibility and importantly, to improve natural surveillance.

COMPLETE staff recorded and assessed over 1,000 street lights in the Bathurst CBD, West Bathurst and Kelso. The field work included day and night time audits of the street lights using bespoke tablet technologies for data collection. Street lights were assessed for a number of criteria including condition, type, safety and effectiveness.

After dark COMPLETE staff took sample lux readings of street lights in each area in accordance to AS 1158.3.1.