Brisbane St Concept Design

Location: Brisbane St, Beaudesert, QLD
Project type: Architectural, Engineering
Budget: $41,420 (Fee Value)
Status: Design Phase
Organisation: Scenic Rim Regional Council

Complete Urban have prepared a masterplan for the upgrade of Brisbane St in Beaudesert.  Brisbane St, Beaudesert is the commercial and civic spine for the town but over the years it has suffered due to the domination of heavy vehicles using it as a transport route. Following the creation of a bypass west of the town and the de-maining of Brisbane St, Council has recognised the potential to reinvigorate Brisbane St in conjunction with improvements to Davidson park and the railway land corridor to the west to create a civic space that is active and vibrant and one that creates the catalyst for increased commercial activation. Complete’s scheme proposes traffic calming along Brisbane St, increased landscaping, formalised pedestrian crossings and rationalised carparking including increased off street parking.

For Davidson Park it is proposed to create an multipurpose event space taking advantage of existing topography to create a natural amphitheatre, market space, passive and active recreation spaces including a playground, fitness circuit, ‘bump’ track and picnic/BBQ nodes. The former railway lines and bump stocks are retained and incorporated into the design as is a representation of Scenic Rim’s natural amphitheatre in the form of a garden and wilderness trail bringing the geographic essence of the Scenic Rim to the centre of town.