Centennial Parklands Sports Excellence Centre Upgrade

Location: Centennial Park, Sydney, NSW
Project type: Project Management
Budget: $1.1M
Status: Completed
Organisation: Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust

The Sports Centre at Centennial Park is the largest community sports precinct in Australia with more than 560,000 sports users and 35 different sports played. Containing Netball courts, Tennis courts, as well as amenities, change rooms and office space, with the works now complete, the facilities can easily support the 150 schools that visit the precinct each year, and the 16,000 hours of sport that are played in the area.

Made possible by the NSW Government and the Parklands, The Centennial Park and Moore Park (CPMP) Trust engaged COMPLETE Urban to Project Manage the Detailed Design and Construction within the site. Some of the highlights of the upgrade include:

  • Fencing repairs and refurbishment of the 11 tennis courts, making it one of Sydney’s best and largest outdoor tennis centres
  • Energy efficient LED lighting upgrades
  • Complete resurfacing of all the netball courts
  • New, state-of-the-art tennis PlaySight SmartCourt technology to help you hone your tennis skills
  • Refurbishment of the heritage Sports Centre, located on the corner of Anzac and Lang Road
  • Construction of outdoor deck and eatery space
  • Installation of spectator spaces around the facility
  • 8 additional all-weather courts were created which can be configured into a full field which is certified by FIFA, the ARU and the NRL.