Federation Way Irrigation

Location: Federation Way, Centennial Park, NSW
Project type: Project Management
Budget: $136,500
Status: Completed
Organisation: Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust

Federation Way is the original entrance to Centennial Park and is of considerable significance due to the areas heritage and arboricultural features, as well as operating as a the major pedestrian thoroughfare and services avenue to the Entertainment Quarter, sporting, equestrian and parkland precincts.

COMPLETE Urban was engaged by Centennial Park and Moore Park (CPMP) Trust to lead an infrastructure investigation, Design and Construct project to upgrade the irrigation mainline that runs along Federation Way.

This project is unique due to the numerous stakeholders who were impacted by the works. Detailed planning was required to execute the construction phase to understand the possible impacts on timing the project. The Assets team of Centennial Park needed to achieve a cost-effective design with quality materials to best support the maintenance lifecycle of the main irrigation line. In addition to this, the Arboriculture team established a suitable construction methodology to minimise impacts to the 160+ year old figs that line Federation Way while simultaneously not interrupting scheduled irrigation for numerous high grade sports fields that service teams such as the Sydney Swans. The Centennial Parklands Planning Manager also required confirmation of construction methods to ensure the protection of heritage features such as the sandstone kerbs and pathways along Federation Way.

Finally, the Parklands Ranges and Communication team ensured high public consultation and information as the Way is a major pedestrian, cyclist and horse thoroughfare, including the setup of exclusion zones and wayfinding approaches. The PM effectively co-ordinated the design and construction stages between all stakeholders and contractors, to successfully manage the required upgrade.