Greenheart Southern Cell

Location: Robina, QLD
Project type: Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
Budget: $320,000,000
Status: Completed
Organisation: City of Gold Coast (Economic Development and Major Projects)

City of Gold Coast formed a long term vision to create “one of the world’s most attractive and diverse urban parklands” within the central portion of the Gold Coast known as the Greenheart. This world class parkland will be an asset of local, state and national significance to be utilised for a variety of active and passive recreational activities.

This vision for publicly owned land and accessible regional open space now known as the Greenheart was originally initiated and formally discussed during the development of the Guragunbah Local Area Plan 1996/1997.

COMPLETE were engaged to provide services within the initial phase of Creative Optimisation. This includes:

  • Flood Modelling
  • Preliminary Bulk Earthworks Design
  • Preliminary Acid Sulphate Soils Management Plan
  • Staging Plan
  • Landscape Intent Plan
  • Quantity Surveyors Estimate