Iron Cove Sea Wall Foreshore Protection Works

Location: Iron Cove Bay, NSW
Project type: Project Management, Contract Management
Budget: $250,000
Status: Ongoing
Organisation: City of Canada Bay

As a part of the major capital works program to provide quality infrastructure for the City of Canada Bay. The aim for the Iron Cove Sea Wall Foreshore Protection Works is to protect the Bay Run foreshore to ensure valuable recreational features are maintained as well as the highest possible standard in community safety. COMPLETE was awarded the procurement, project management & construction management services for Iron Cove Sea Wall Foreshore Protection Works by the City of Canada Bay (contract value $86k).

The project comprises of the following:

  • Demolition of existing shoreline structures, supply of rock, the repair of the existing rock sandstone seawall in the vicinity of Neild Park
  • Excavation to place toe of rock revetment, construction of rock work, extension of stormwater outlets, placement of rock scour apron at each stormwater outlet
  • Revegetation between the foreshore structure and the Bay Run and asphalt repairs to the Iron Cove location of the Bay Run