Kingston Butter Factory Outdoor Venue

Location: Kingston, QLD
Project type: Multi-Disciplinary
Budget: $12M Construction
Status: Design Phase
Organisation: Logan City Council

Kingston Butter Factory Community Arts Centre is located on Milky Way, Kingston and it is undergoing a $12m transformation and is currently under Design Development to transform the historic Kingston Butter Factory site into a world-class innovation hub and outdoor entertainment space through a city-changing project by Logan City Council.

The 14-hectare grounds will be developed into the city’s largest purpose-built outdoor events space, with capacity for up to 5,000 patrons to see national and international acts and host major festivals, markets and community events. Complete has been engaged for the Design of the event space including a permanent stage with back of house, new heritage centre including amenities as well as new entry bridge and carpark.

Due to the complexities and number of stakeholders, Complete are also supporting further Design Management for the upgrade of the existing infrastructure and the restoration of the heritage significant cottage.

The aim is for the precinct to continue to celebrate the area’s Indigenous and pioneering history through a purpose-built Heritage Centre and a restored Worker’s Cottage. The Logan City Historical Museum and the Arts & Crafts Co-op – both long-term tenants in the precinct – will be among tenants of those heritage-focused spaces.