Longreach Depot Master Plan

Location: Longreach, Ilfracombe, Isisford, Taraka, QLD
Project type: Master Plan
Budget: $2.02M
Status: Completed
Organisation: Longreach Regional Council

COMPLETE Urban were engaged by Longreach Council to undertake a council depot rationalisation study and master plan for their existing depots and the townships of Longreach, Ilfracombe, Isisford and Yaraka. Council’s aim was to rationalise depot services across the region in response to the Local Government Reform Commission (2008) findings and Council amalgamations across Queensland in 2008.

Longreach Depot operations serve a wide geographic area with many services and functions duplicated across the 4 sites as a legacy of the 4 separate depots that existed prior to amalgamation. Council wanted to reduce operational costs whilst maintaining the current level of service. There was also the added challenge of the social impact that depot rationalise would have on close knit rural communities where a large portion of the population are directly or indirectly reliant on the depot for their livelihood. The social cost of rationalisation could be very high in some of the smaller townships and Council considered this aspect to be a main component of the master planning exercise.

COMPLETE prepared and number of rationalisation scenarios that outlined short and long term measures at each site along with a cost benefit analysis for each option. This provided Council with the required information to weigh up the various pros and cons of each option and provide clear steps toward implementation of both short and long term initiatives at each site.