Macintosh Island Master Plan

Location: Main Beach, QLD
Project type: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering
Budget: $10,000,000 (Construction)
Status: Completed
Organisation: City of Gold Coast

Macintosh Island is a centrally located public park which plays host to the annual Gold Coast 600 car race.

COMPLETE provided overlay and a reconfiguration design to accommodate the change in use to the V8’s from Indy, these works were primarily focused around the pit lane and road works. COMPLETE integrated these works into a new landscape design and assisted council deliver the successful outcome for all stakeholders whilst improving the amenity of the park.

The design brief required COMPLETE to improve the amenity of the park and provide improved functionality for events.

The existing spine was redeveloped as a feature of the site connecting access from the Gold Coast highway to Narrowneck Beach.

Additional seating, picnic areas and shelters have been provided to reinvigorate the space as a community parklands in conjunction with a new public amenity building.

The project involved a multi-disciplinary team, including landscape architecture, architecture, civil engineering, structural and hydraulic engineering; which allowed for an integrated, cohesive upgrade to the park.