Oxford Street Pedestrian and Cyclist Corridor

Location: Oxford Street, Paddington
Project type: Engineering, Management
Budget: $1,650,000
Status: Completed
Organisation: Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust

Oxford Street is a busy inner city road with rapidly increasing numbers of cyclist using the road for both recreational riding and commuting to and from work. The Oxford Street Cycleway project, which is funded by the RMS, is aiming to improve both cyclist and pedestrian safety in the area as well as providing a key link in the regional cycleway network.

COMPLETE were engaged by the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust to undertake the concept design, detailed design and construction supervision of the Oxford Street Cycleway.  The route extends on the southern side of Oxford Street and runs along the northern edge of Centennial Park.

The works included:

  • Design of a separated footpath and cycleway along the northern extent of Centennial Park, a length of approximately 850m;
  • Consideration of heritage gates at the Centennial Park access points;
  • Coordination with Centennial Parklands to ensure that the heritage of the precinct was maintained and that the design adequately catered for existing significant trees and vegetation;
  • Coordination with Sydney Water due to the proximity of two significant reservoirs within Centennial Park;
  • Preparation of construction documentation for tender purposes; and
  • Construction stage services and construction supervision tasks.