Regional Route 7 Cycleway Concept

Location: Inner West, Sydney
Project type: Engineering
Budget: $6,200,000
Status: Design Phase
Organisation: Inner West Council

Regional Route 7 is a key east-west bicycle route identified in the NSW Government’s strategy Sydney’s Cycling Future as an important route in the Inner West. The route runs from Longport Street in Lewisham to King Street in Newtown.The cycleway will link major destinations in the Inner West such as Lewisham Station, Camperdown Memorial Rest Park and Newtown Station. The total construction value was estimated at approximately $6.2 million.COMPLETE delivered the concept design for Regional Route 7 to the satisfaction of stakeholders and are now currently undertaking the detailed designs. COMPLETE has dealt with all the issues that are expected when trying to design a cycleway to fit in a congested area in the Inner West whilst making the space a safe and pleasant space for all users.