The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney Lotus Pond Rejuvenation

Location: Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney
Project type: Project Management
Budget: $200,000
Status: Completed
Organisation: Royal Botanic Garden Trust

COMPLETE was engaged to facilitate the removal of accumulated decaying organic matter in order to improve water quality.

The Lotus Pond adjoining our Oriental Garden, displays these amazing plants (Nelumbo nucifera) in all their glory from late December to mid- March. This freshwater pond gives way to our tidal pond, the main pond closer to the harbour. The Lotus Pond is linked to the Main Pond in the Royal Botanic Gardens. The fountain in the middle and the lamp to the right side are almost lost amongst the plants. Waste classification testing of the sediment has been undertaken which confirms that the sediment is NOT suitable for re-use. All sediment must be removed and disposed of in accordance with the NSW DECC Waste Classification Guidelines.

The well-needed declutter proved highly productive with 265 tonnes of waste removed from the small 636 m2 pond over seven days. The true effect of the team’s hard work on the pond will be best displayed in spring, when the waterlilies and Nelumbo nucifera begin to bloom and the pond is filled with colour.