Waterbird Park Retrofit

Location: Highland Park, Gold Coast
Project type: Engineering, Landscape Architecture
Budget: $100,000
Status: Ongoing
Organisation: City of Gold Coast

COMPLETE Urban undertook the detailed design for the Waterbird Park Retrofit project located in Highland Park, Queensland. The scope of project included the following:

  • Multiple site inspections of Waterbird Park, Discovery Park and Currumbin Creek Rehabilitation with respective Project Managers; Compile various site aerial photograph comparisons from historical images and present a range of site photographs including heavy rainfall events;
  • Undertake a hydrological assessment and prepare associated catchment plan;
  • Undertake the updating of the existing flood model in the vicinity of the project site;
  • Undertake a 1D / 2D hydraulic assessment including natural channel hydraulics for the pre-developed and post-developed scenarios for both stages;
  • Undertake flood modelling utilising HEC-RAS for the 2 storages (sediment basin and inlet zone) plus the vegetated swale drain to determine flooding impacts;
  • Compile photos of local installations of Floating Reedbeds (FRB’s).