Shrimpton’s Creek Precinct Activation at Wilga Park

Location: Macquarie Park, NSW
Project type: Urban Design, Rehabilitation and Constructed Ecology
Budget: $2,600,000
Status: Ongoing
Organisation: City of Ryde

City of Ryde Council has engaged Complete as lead design consultant to prepare scheme for the enhancement of open spaces associated with Shrimpton’s Creek (1.09HA), Wilga Park (1.88 HA) , Cotton Wood Reserve (.11HA) and Quandong Reserve (.26 HA).

Highlights of the enhancement will be; upgraded shared user path between Waterloo Road and Wilga Park, Improved water quality and natural vegetation along Shrimptons Creek, an amphitheatre and stage for community events in Wilga Park, New amenities building in Wilga Park, Fitness stations, realignment and broadening of path in Cotton wood reserve and Quandong reserve.

Being an ecological sensitive site key principles of ecologically sustainable development (ESD) will be integrated into the proposed design, which will conserve and augment the biological diversity and ecological integrity of Shrimpton’s Creek precinct.